GMA-090 Online Availability Research Report Digital-01


Online Availability

A Worldwide Study of Extent, Shopper Reactions, and Strategies for Non-Food Categories in Digital Retail

We conducted a research study on Online Availability at pure online and omni-channel retailers in six major countries (China, France, Germany, Japan, United Kingdom, United States), and for six fast-moving consumer goods non-food categories (Baby, Fabric, Laudry, Oral, Shave, Skin).

The goal of the study was to determine the extent that items were availabile to purchase, causes of non-ATP, the incidence of shoppers’ encounters with items not ATP, shopper reactions to these encounters, and sales losses to manufacturers and retailers due to items not being ATP.

Data for the research was obtained through three sources:

  • One examined harvested data from retailer web sites in all six countries to determine extent and root causes.
  • The second was a shopper survey conducted in the USA examining shopper encounters and reactions when encountering items being not ATP.
  • The third was also a shopper survey conducted in the UK, France, Germany, Japan, and China, similar to the USA shopper survey.

The report was published in July, 2018 by the Grocery Manufacturers of Association (GMA).

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A Comprehensive Guide

To Retail Out-of-Stock Reduction

This study contains several tools that can be used to compute losses due to out-of-stocks as well as a calculator of the payout that can be expected when addressing out-of-stocks. To access the payout calculator, click here. This calculator provides the ability to play what-if scenarios in terms of how many products and stores they want to work on and which of the solutions they want to employ.  No matter what, the payout is exceptional.


2002 Study-01

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Retail Out-of-Stocks

A Worldwide Examination of Exent, Causes and Consumer Response

This study presents the largest and most current single compilation of findings on the extent, causes, and consumer responses to retail out-of-stock (OOS) situations in the fast-moving consumer goods industry. It is also perhaps the first study that enumerates OOS on a worldwide basis.

This comprehensive report examines 661 retail outlets and 71,000 consumers across 29 countries worldwide. Study was funded by a grant from the Procter & Gamble Corporation.