New 2018 Online Availability Report Available for Download

GMA-090 Online Availability Research Report Digital-01

What we do

We develop solutions for brands and retailers based on leading edge research. Our methods include predictive analytics, root cause analysis, workshops, experiments, and shopper surveys. Please email us to discuss your business challenge.

  • Designing and implementing online category management strategies
  • Calculating and benchmarking lost sales
  • Surveying shopper response to missing products
  • Reducing stock-outs and voids
  • Accelerating product transitions
  • Enhancing content compliance
  • Optimizing inventories across channels
  • Improving retailer-supplier collaboration

Step 1: Assess OLA Strategy

  • We work with your key digital executives from sales, supply chain and shopper insights to assess your digital strategy.

Step 2: Measure OLA Extent

  • We partner with online retail analytics firms to measure the extent of your OLA and NOLA for the SKUs in the shopper’s consideration set and benchmark it against industry thresholds.

Step 3:  Survey NOLA Shopper Reactions

  • We partner with mobile shopper panel providers to survey reactions of your shoppers to NOLA and develop a customized shopper survey instrument.

Step 4: Estimate OLA Prize

  • We analyze the collected data on OLA extent and NOLA reaction to calculate the retailer and brand loss and the online lost sales opportunity.

Step 5: Implement OLA Countermeasures

  • We use the collected data on OLA extent and NOLA reaction to refine your digital strategy and implement best practice tools.

The OLA Scorecard is at the core of the 5-Step Methodology:

It consists of the following areas:

  • Strategy & Measurement
  • Causes of Stock-outs & Voids
  • Consequences & Countermeasures

Please contact us if you want our team to work with you to improve the Online Availability of your products.